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August 14, 2006
I don't know, kids. Not really looking promising. The two things that might move this website forward is I have a boatload of material for it and I should finish what I started.

January 28... two thousand and SIX
Oh, good grief. It's like a whole different year and all. One, two, th.. uh. Five months, huh? So much for the whole TonyRobbinsGraspYourInnerSuccess exposing-your-goals-will-make-you-do-them theory. And now I don't even dig the way the *finger quotes* site looks, so it looks like a tear down redesign is in order. You know what I'm thinking? What with a possible BL s3, the SAG's and other 'peaks', this is Mark's big year. So kick out the jams and keep on truckin', I'm going to finish In the meantime, if you haven't already discovered these:
Brad, Beyond the Script: [19 months of backstory]
  profile | And if you read these other journals, you'll likely find Brad pontificating stoically as well: Alan | Denise | Jamie  |  Melissa
Eddie Arlette: Off Trail:
That MV Live Journal thing:

Just wondering: Valley.. Vallee... I have this mental image of some guy named Valley playing a sax on top of a car, so there's that saxophone connection as well. And megaphones are back, baby.

And from the talented icon-oclastic zandra_x [haha - tie flambe]:

August 27, 2005:
Crossover news: The premiere Boston Legal podcast (radio show) launched this past week. It's an hour of commentary and sound bytes from "From Whence It Came". While Mark's minutes are scarce, I made sure to include clips from his scenes with Sally. I do hope you listen to this and future weekly radio shows, posted every Wednesday after the Tuesday broadcast of Boston Legal. The hour-long mp3 download [23 mb] is on the home page of the Boston Legal site and a streaming mp3 is featured at Odeo, a very nice interface, I might add.

"Once and Again", season two, was release this week. Mark's in four episodes from that season. I've watched two so far and here are a few images from "Love's Laborer's Lost": 1  2  3  4

August 19, 2 am:
'Moneypenny' found an mp3 of Mark on Love Line. Raise your hand if you love Adam and Dr. Drew. Random Valley sound bytes:  "I've got a Jetta." "Temperature is important." "Lock the bathroom door, too." Drew: "I think he's (Adam) into you." Mark: "I'm encouraging him". "How do you find time to be bisexual when you're 14?" Mark even reached back to his degree and works out a mathematical formula of 'absolute zero' as a benchmarking unit of smell aka '10 Hobo Power'. I told you. Random.

What's that? Wha - ? Oh, just haven't had time. Sorry.

August 13, 2005:
The lovely and artistic Parisian Christel created the subtly dreamlike image of Mark. Yes, even Pete looks romantic when a French artist has her way with him his image. She has also created a moody sequence over in Spader town [crash  secretary  various]. On another matter, anyone who has seen Brimstone and is raising an eyebrow over my characterization of "Barry" (aka Mark)... yes, I know. There is so much... no. I won't say more publicly. If you want to know what I'm rambling on about, email me.

August 11, 2005:
The impossible-to-find "Brimstone" episode is now in my possession. Images: 1  2  3  4  5
Brimstone at IMDb: More 'six degrees' stuff: It stars Peter Horton, ex-husband of Michelle (Mrs. DEK). Teri Polo is in it - and she starred in She's with Me (with Mark).  He plays the boyfriend of the main guy's (Peter Horton) widow. It's a sweet role. Well, I've yet to watch the entire episode, so I may be premature on that. His first scene is sweet. Leave it at that for now.

Site progress? Ground to a halt. Boston Legal is now back and site visitors to are three times the normal traffic. I'm working on a redesign and a forum - and squeezing in a life to boot - so, yeah. Sorry.

July 27, 2005:
Mark was at ABC's Boston Legal presentation for the TCA Press Tour July 26 at the Beverly Hilton. Two outcomes emerged from this:
1. Photos [images  1  2 ] Now tell me: do you see anything alarmingly similar from this image from the 2004 Press Tour? Can I suggest someone has a lucky shirt?
2. An announcement from David E. Kelley that, while long overdue, means the writers have come around. Fox, make a note:
From "Ausiello's Press Tour Diary Day 7 (ABC)"
by Michael Ausiello
Kelley says we “will see the emergence of Mark Valley's character a little bit more this year — hopefully, a lot more… Mark is very funny. We did not take advantage of that enough last year.”

There was a flicker of Mark on Access Hollywood July 26, too; albeit, the story was on Sienna Miller, but there were tiny edits from a press thing for Keen Eddie thrown in [images 1  2]

The website progress, you ask? Um...

July 22, 2005:
Promises... This weekend has now been dubbed Build The Site Because If You Don't Everyone Will Laugh At You And Call You A Flake. Meanwhile, Shifts Happen, his final ER appearance in season ten, just aired and here are two images: [1 2]. I could see Eddie mannerisms - and even a gray t-shirt scene a la Eddie cooking with Fiona and Nigel in 'Horse Heir'. In context, the ER ep originally broadcast on Oct. 23, 2003, a few months after Keen Eddie was pulled.

Replaced the Late Line image on the front page with one from his 10.5 seconds and ten words of dialogue in "Breast Men". [download mp3]

Side Note to jealous sibs: and - you've been getting too much of my attention. One weekend without a makeover won't kill you.

July 16, 2005:
You may not see progress but I spent a few hours today scanning in 6-8 articles about Valley. An image from one article looks like he may be on the roof of the Sunset Gower studio, judging by the Hollywood sign in the background [I worked there for a time] and the article itself is a hoot, but that's called a tease. Unless you email me, then I'll send it to you. You may have noticed the shot of Valley's guest turn on "Late Line". Get the dvd. Witty show. And here are a few more from it: 1   2 [update: switched out the LL image on the front page today]

If you get the TNT channel, Shifts Happen, Mark's final guest appearance as Richard Lockhart on "ER", will broadcast Friday, July 22, 11:00 AM. Don't worry, all five episodes (his segments only) will be streaming on the site. Here're two [1  2] screenshots to appease you, because.. well, you could be waiting some time, judging by my pace. So sorry.

July 13, 2005, five minutes past midnight:
Sorry, guys. No progress. Who knew I was going to enjoy this whole "Rock Star: INXS" reality show so much. Three nights per week, man. It's severely cutting into my Promote Mark Valley Because He's So Good time. But there is news:

The Hollywood Reporter / July 11, 2005 / SoapNet going to 'Pasadena'

All 13 episodes of Sony Pictures Television's "Pasadena," the short-lived primetime soap that debuted on Fox in fall 2001, are set to air on SoapNet starting in the fall. The number of episodes includes nine that have never aired. The show, which starred Dana Delany and Alison Lohman, centered on a wealthy family with an array of secrets. (thanks to Moneypenny for sending this in)

Here's to Mark getting residual checks. Enjoy that Venti Latte, Valley. You earned it channeling Robert Greeley. For the rest of us:

Images from Pasadena, episode 13 "Don't It Always Seem To Go"

July 10, 2005:
Beginning this evening, a basic layout will start to emerge. Expect empty pages and, frankly, apocalyptic chaos. Usually would keep development under wraps until completed. Since this isn't for a client or anyone that's paying me, why not do a little look-at-the-exposed-duct-work reality?
~ Dana

Here. Look at this. It'll make you happy:

Images from The Next Best Thing

Once and Again [windows media download]

Book Lovers, Part 1 [11 mb] DVD of season two released August 23. Buy it.

Brimstone (115 mb) Very, very temporary Missed it, kids!